In 1945, United States Army Counterintelligence Agent Jonathan Preston leads his King Cobra team, a group of determined Allied agents, through deadly jungle landscape and behind Japanese lines, parachuting into enemy territory, and dodging Japanese patrols.

Agent Preston doesn’t back down from even the deadliest missions and follows orders to lead a team of Allied operatives deep behind enemy lines in Southeast Asia to take on the Imperial Japanese Army’s Unit 731 — a frightening biological and chemical weapons component of the Japanese military responsible for the deaths of untold Allied prisoners of war.

After the King Cobra team succeeds in raiding Japanese prisoner-of-war camps and freeing hundreds of Allied soldiers, Preston and his colleagues must also evade a team of elite Japanese assassins hell-bent on their demise.

Call for Blood explores the little-known crimes and atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Army’s Unit 731 and gives readers a front row seat for one of the most fascinating dramas of World War Two.

A gripping story of good versus evil set in a dramatic theater of war, Call for Blood will leave you clamoring for more from author Steve Doherty.