I couldn’t put it down!
I usually read only non-fiction, but I read Operation King Cobra from cover to cover, and I could hardly put it down without reading it in its entirety. It is one of the most intriguing books I have ever read and is well written.

Operation King Cobra should be of great interest to civilians, as well as military veterans who can identify with operations in the CBI Theater. The level of excitement is maintained throughout the entire book. It definitely will hold the attention of any reader, young or old. It should be read by World War II, Korean, and Viet Nam veterans whether or not they served in intelligence work. Agent Preston was one of many CIC agents, whose work was undisclosed to the public. By hearing of the adventures of Agent Preston the American public, should be enlightened as to what so many in our military accomplished during the “Big War.”

Brad Chase, former Special Agent, US Army Counter Intelligence Corps – (Five Stars on Amazon.com)March 25, 2014


Easy to follow and fast paced
The characters make you fall in love with their courage and valor. Highly recommend. Great Read.

John – (Five Stars on Amazon.com)December 16,2013


Couldn’t put it down!
Read almost the whole book in one day because I really wanted to know what special agents Jon, Henri, and Miles were going to get into next! Lots of military detail, interesting info about that time in our nation’s history, and great story telling. The fact that the book is based on a true story made it a compelling read.

Debra – New Albany, Ohio(Four Stars on Amazon.com)December 26,2013


A Thrilling Peak into History
It is filled with exciting missions and covert operations that kept me anxious to get to the next page. The fact that it is based on real accounts of those who served is what makes it especially interesting for me. My grandfather served in WWII, but I never got to hear him tell his story. Reading this book, I really felt like I was learning about the war from an insider’s point of view. I enjoy history, but I don’t usually read military books. Operation King Cobra includes details that will resonate with those who served or who are familiar with military actions but does not alienate those of us who are new to this genre. I am looking forward to his next book.

Ken – (Four Stars on Amazon.com)December 26,2013


Like Rapp and Horvath
Agent Jonathan Wilson Preston, in spite of his name, is a forerunner of Mitch Rapp and Scot Horvath. He’s a highly skilled American special missions agent capable of killing, among other things, a cobra, in a very unconventional way. Operating in the WWII era in Asia, he teams up with two British agents to complete his many assignments. Like Rapp and Horvath, Preston does what needs to be done. I’m looking forward to the next book in the author’s series.

Bob Cook, Captain USAF (Retired)


It’s all there!
Steve Doherty’s Operation King Cobra is a World War II thriller in the vein of Where Eagles Dareand The Guns of the Navarone. Action, history, espionage, romance – it’s all there. Recommended.

Robert Gandt, Aviation & Military Author